Album Labyrinth
Songs from Labyrinth
Released 1986
Format LP
Label EMI America Records
Cat no. SV-17206

The Labyrinth soundtrack features original music by both David Bowie (the star of the film), and composer Trevor Jones.

The album reached #68 on Billboard's Top Pop Albums chart in 1986.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Opening Titles (Including Underground) (Bowie)
  2. Into the Labyrinth (Jones)
  3. Magic Dance (Bowie)
  4. Sarah (Jones)
  5. Chilly Down (Bowie)
  6. Hallucination (Jones)

Side Two

  1. As the World Falls Down (Bowie)
  2. The Goblin Battle (Jones)
  3. Within You (Bowie)
  4. Thirteen O'clock (Jones)
  5. Home at Last (Jones)
  6. Underground (Bowie)

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