Labyrinth 2017 Special Derek Kirk Kim cover textless

main cover by Derek Kirk Kim

The Labyrinth 2017 Special is a comic book one-shot featuring multiple stories set in the world of Labyrinth. It was released on November 29, 2017.[1]

The special consists of six stories contributed by various creators:

  • "The Right Steed for the Right Deed"
written by Adam Smith
illustrated by Jared Cullum
  • "The Wrong Toby"
written by Delilah S. Dawson
illustrated by Sas Milledge
  • "Cup of Tea?"
written and illustrated by Katie Cook
colored by Heather Breckel
  • "Into the Bog"
written by Alessandro Q. Ferrari
illustrated by Pius Bak
  • "Beauty or the Beast"
by Roger Langridge
  • "Run, Goblin, Run"
written by Jeff Stokely and Curry Ross
illustrated by Jeff Stokely

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