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PERFORMER Jerry Nelson 1973
  Stephanie D'Abruzzo 2001
DEBUT 1973
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

A lady with a tall hat appeared in a Season 5 Ernie and Bert sketch at the movies. She sits in front of Ernie, and her hat blocks his view. He tries various attempts to watch the movie anyway, such as trying to switch seats with Bert, then trying to sit on his lap. Bert tells him to simply ask the lady to remove her hat. Ernie does so, and the lady graciously removes her hat and places it on the empty seat next to her, now blocking Bert's view, much to his dismay.

Almost three decades later, the lady re-appeared in the second episode of the 2001 hurricane saga. Amid the debris in Big Bird's nest area is the lady's hat. She rushes over to pick it up and declares how happy she is.