Lahr is the central character in the Legends of the Dark Crystal manga series.

Lahr lives 800 years after the crystal cracked (two centuries before the events of The Dark Crystal).

Lahr was a simple herder and music maker. He was a peaceful young Gelfling content to watch over his herd of Mounders. However Lahr soon finds himself struggling to survive when the violent Garthim attack his home.

Along with his doglike companion Whouf, Lahr would watch over a herd of Mounders on the ridge outside his village. Lahr would pass the time while herding with the melodies of his flute.

One day while watching his herd, Lahr spies a troop of Garthim descending upon his village. But by the time he reaches the village it is too late. Devastation, destruction and disaster have fallen on the clan. His friends and family - including Gar, Mikka, Ineth and Mineen - have been taken by the Garthim. Lahr's resolve is soon put to the test when more Garthim move through the area. In a head to head struggle, Lahr fights for his life. He saves himself by killing one of the Garthims – a feat that amazes even him. But amid the struggle his flute is broken, and so is Lahr's innocence.

Lahr wanders the village and remembers all the good times. He can feel change taking place in his life, and declares that "a tremendous song will come out of this adventure; if there is anyone to sing it for." Lahr, along with Whouf and the herd, leave the devastated village behind to search for survivors.

Lahr soon joins up with Neffi, another surviving Gelfling of the area. The two are forced to rally up the Gelflings of the surrounding clans and fight against the onslaught of the violence Garthim that have been raiding the Gelfling villages.

Despite his circumstances, Lahr remains a simple country boy with a simple credo. He keeps everyone focused on getting things done.

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