The Land of Gorch sketches on Saturday Night Live were performed live and filmed in front of a live audience by the show's traditional camera crew. As a result, several puppeteering gaffes were captured and broadcast.


Image Airdate Guest Host Summary
  October 11, 1975 George Carlin Two mistakes occur during the sketch. The first occurs when Queen Peuta walks offscreen; the camera cuts, and she is seen being pulled down while still in frame. The second mistake happens when Vazh hands Ploobis his food, when her sleeve gets caught on Ploobis' arm. Ploobis exclaims, "Let go of it, would you?"
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October 25, 1975 Rob Reiner The top of Alice Tweedy's head is visible as she performs Queen Peuta in this scene.
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November 8, 1975 Candice Bergen Scred's peformer is momentarily visible in the lefthand corner as he give The Mighty Favog his chickens.

The very top of Tweedy's head is visible during Peuta's scene.

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December 13, 1975 Richard Pryor Scred's sleeve gets caught on Ploobis' ring. The two fight to get it off.
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December 20, 1975 Candice Bergen The top of Fran Brill's head is visible while she is performing Vazh in this scene. Moments later, the top of Richard Hunt's head can be seen briefly.
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March 13, 1976 Anthony Perkins While Ploobis is pushing John Belushi around, we get a brief glimpse of the back of Jim Henson's head.
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April 24, 1976 Raquel Welch Before the camera operator has the chance to readjust, Jerry Nelson's face is fully visible as Scred enters.

The very top of the performers heads become visible as Scred and Ploobis head for the trunk.

September 18, 1976 Lily Tomlin During "The Antler Dance", Jerry Nelson can be visibly seen performing Scred and Jim Henson's face is seen performing Ploobis.
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