Larry and Phyllis photo
PERFORMER Alan Arkin Larry
  Barbara Dana Phyllis
DEBUT 1970

Larry and Phyllis were a comedy duo who appeared in recurring sketches on Season 2 of Sesame Street.

Sometimes referred to as "the Cooperation Couple," they replaced Buddy and Jim.

The pair were played by a real-life couple, actor Alan Arkin and his wife Barbara Dana.


Singing (First: Episode 0131)

Phyllis hears Larry making honking sounds and asks what he is doing. Larry explains that he is singing. Phyllis likes his singing, and then shows Larry what singing she is capable of, which consists of beeping noises. They decide to put their sounds together and cooperate.

Penny (First: Episode 0133)

Larry and Phyllis retrieve a lucky penny from under a bag of potatoes.

Photograph (First: Episode 0135)

Larry and Phyllis cooperate to take a photograph.

Dinner Chores (First: Episode 0142)

Larry tells Phyllis that he invited their friend Fred to dinner. Without listening to him any further, Phyllis tries to do multiple chores at once, until she realizes that they have to cooperate in order to spiff up the place. They do so in sped-up tape, then Larry reveals that Fred can't come to dinner tonight.

Party Invitations (First: Episode 0150)

Phyllis is making preparations for a party, and Larry offers to help. Phyllis suggests that Larry go out and buy the decorations, but he insists on helping her with the invitations, with less-than-successful results.

Galoshes (First: Episode 0167)

Larry is getting all bundled up in winter clothing, but he can't seem to get his galoshes on. He enlists the help of Phyllis, and the two of them work together to get the galoshes on Larry's feet.

Television (EKA: Episode 0181)

Larry and Phyllis cooperate by watching the same show on television.

Posters (EKA: Episode 0194)

Larry and Phyllis cooperate to put pictures of themselves on the wall.