PERFORMER Steve Whitmire
DEBUT 1992

A Laundress appears in The Muppet Christmas Carol. Along with an Undertaker and a charwoman, Mrs. Dilber, the laundress has scavenged Ebenezer Scrooge's lodgings, and is presenting her take (his curtains) to Old Joe. The laundress' shining moment is being lecherously tickled by Old Joe. In the audio commentary to Muppet Christmas Carol, Brian Henson explains this by remarking that, during rehearsal, performers Steve Whitmire, Louise Gold (Mrs. Dilber), and David Rudman (Old Joe) came up with the idea that Old Joe had previously been "hitting on" Mrs. Dilber, but was now switching his affections to the laundress.

Although she resembles a toad, the laundress would re-appear as a patron of the Benbow Inn in Muppet Treasure Island. There, Mrs. Bluveridge asks her not to take offense after mentioning that they're serving suckling potatoes, implying that she's actually a living vegetable. In the character audio commentary on the Blu-Ray, Kermit the Frog describes her as a potato with cat eyes.

In the original book, the laundress's name is Mrs. Dilber. But, like many other versions, The Muppet Christmas Carol made Mrs. Dilber the charwoman and the laundress an unnamed character.

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