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Lea Thompson (b. 1961) is an actor working in Hollywood since the early 1980s who is best known for appearing in the Back to the Future. She starred as the title character in four seasons of Caroline in the City, and has also appeared in Jaws 3-D, SpaceCamp (with music by John Williams), Howard the Duck (with Tim Robbins), Dennis the Menace (with Walter Matthau), The Beverly Hillbillies (with Lily Tomlin), and The Little Rascals (with Mel Brooks, Daryl Hannah, and Whoopi Goldberg).

On April 13, 2015, she posted a photo of herself and Amy Pietz to Twitter with Kermit the Frog and Steve Whitmire.[1] Four months later, on August 21, she posted a photo to Instagram of herself on the set of The Muppets,[2] followed by another post filming on set.[3]

Her social media photos were taken while filming her appearance in "Hostile Makeover" where she meets Kermit in an elevator. The situation fulfills one of Kermit's fantasies until Gonzo joins them in the elevator and ruins the moment.


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