Maria and friends protest outside Oscar's can.

The Lead Police

Oscar meets The Lead Police.


Irvine and Oscar take a musical trip to the doctor's.

Lead Away! is a 1996 educational resouce video produced by Sesame Workshop for adults. The video educates about lead poisoning, a serious health problem that can be prevented.

The video features Sesame Street characters Maria, Elmo, Rosita, Oscar the Grouch, and a group of kids discussing what lead poisoning means and how it can be avoided. Oscar's niece Irvine also makes an appearance. Gabi is referenced as having had a blood test with Rosita, earlier in the day.

A comic book reinforcing the messages of the video was also released.

The full video is currently available on VHS in some libraries, as a free video download from Sesame Workshop via the iTunes Store as part of the Learn Along with Sesame series, and can be viewed at the Sesame Workshop website.

The only insert from Sesame Street that's included in this video is Bruce Cayard's animated segment "Wash Your Hands."


  • When the video was re-released online in 2010, several changes were made. New opening titles were added along with a new intro and closing by Emilio Delgado as Luis. This version removes Elmo's ending acknowledgement of the Lead Hotline; a new number is addressed by Delgado. The end credits are also redone. Additionally, the sound effects are removed when the Lead Police appear and the scene transition to "Blood Test" is removed as well.


Muppet Performers:

Caroll Spinney as Oscar the Grouch, with Kevin Clash (as Elmo), Martin P. Robinson (as Irvine), David Rudman, Joey Mazzarino, Carmen Osbahr (as Rosita), Pam Arciero, Noel MacNeal, John Kennedy, and Alice Dinnean

Vocals (uncredited)

Chris Cerf (Lead Police singer), Ivy Austin, (doctor), Jeff Moss (nurse)


Sonia Manzano as Maria


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