Legetøjets Hemmelige Liv is the Danish dub of The Secret Life of Toys. The series has aired on Danish TV (DR1) as a part of the 30 minute children puppet show Anna og Lotte, that have aired since 1979, also called Fredags Bio. One episode was shown as one of two videos they were watching.

Translations and Voices

English Name Danish Name Danish Voice Actor
Raisin Rikke Michelle Bjørn Andersen
Rugby Tiger Robbie Ole Fick
Balthazar Balthazar Lasse Lunderskov
Mew Musse Pauline Rehné
Ditz Ditz Peter Zhelder
Simon Andreas Hviid
Penny Mill H. Lehfeldt
Mother Mor Michelle Bjørn Andersen

Other Credits

  • Danish Translation by Annelise Schyberg
  • Studio: Sun Studio