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Mirjam Schöning, Hanne Rasmussen, and Sherrie Westin with Neno and Kami.

Neno and Kami prepare to play with Legos at the 2016 Lego Idea Conference.

Kami and a child play with Lego Duplo blocks at the 2017 World Play Day.

Lego is a brand of construction toys made by The Lego Group in Denmark since 1949.


Lego Foundation

On April 13, 2016, The Lego Foundation, Lego's research division, partnered with Sesame Workshop to promote its learning through play initiative. As described in a press release, "the partnership includes two separate initiatives focused on unlocking the power of play to create transformative, hands-on learning experiences."[1]

The first initiative consists of the distribution of Lego materials to educators and caregivers in South Africa as part of Takalani Sesame outreach kits. Sesame Workshop's Sherrie Westin said that they would "bring together the power of our Muppets with the hands-on learning tool of Duplo bricks."[2]

The second initiative, "designed to shift parent and caregiver perceptions about the educational value of play," will launch in India and Mexico as well as South Africa. A series of community events held in urban areas of these countries are aimed at developing a better understanding of the importance of play and how it may be integrated into the lives of children.

The announcement was made at the 2016 Lego Idea Conference in Billund, Denmark. Kami and Neno were in attendance and shared the stage with presenters Sherrie Westin (Sesame Workshop's Executive Vice President of Global Impact and Philanthropy), Mirjam Schöning (Global Head, Programs and Partnerships at LEGO Foundation), Hanne Rasmussen (CEO of The LEGO Foundation), and Philip A. Fisher (Professor of Psychology and Research Scientist at the Prevention Science Institute Center for Translational Neuroscience at the University of Oregon).

In 2017, the Sesame/Lego partnership teamed up with the philanthropic organization Afrika Tikkun for World Play Day. Kami and Neno appeared in the township of Orange Farm, South Africa to support these efforts. The Muppets met and played with children in special activities meant to encourage play, and each family attending received a set of Lego bricks to take home.[3]

Since the announcement of their partnership, Sesame Workshop and the Lego Foundation have promoted their "Play Every Day" initiative via a number of social media posts.[4]

In December of 2018, the initiative expanded its partnership to include the International Rescue Committee and the Bangladeshi relief organization BRAC, to aid Syrian and Rohingya children living as refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Bangladesh. In addition to teaching basic concepts like letters and numbers, as well as countering the effects of stress and suffering with social and emotional development, the initiative provides materials for use in 500 planned play centers (although this will not include Lego blocks due to import costs).[5]


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  • Lego advertised in Sesame Street Magazine during the 1980s, including a two-page Duplo ad in the October 1987 issue.
  • A 1983 Sesame Street segment (First: Episode 1802) called "Real Cats Drink Milk" features a number of feline knick-knacks, one of which has been built out of Lego bricks.


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