Lenny Kravitz (b. 1964) is a Grammy Award-winning musician famous for such songs as "American Woman" and "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over," which reached #2 on the pop charts in 1991.

Clifford spoofed Kravitz in the 1993 Muppet Trading Cards set, as "Clifford Cravitz" singing "My Hair's All Over and Over." The trading card featured Clifford wearing Kravitz's trademark nose ring as well as colorful clothes typical of Kravitz's style at the time.

Palisades Toys had originally designed the repaint of the Clifford Action Figure based on the outfit he wore as "Clifford Cravitz." The Jim Henson Company rejected this design because it was mistakenly believed that it would represent the main action figure and not the rarer "chase" variant. By the time the misunderstanding was sorted out, it was too late to alter the designs. As such, a figure based on this outfit was never produced.

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