The Gorilla puppet as seen in Mopatop's Shop
PERFORMER Bill Barretta
DEBUT 1994

Lenny the Gorilla was seen in episode 111 of The Animal Show. He is very gentle unless he hasn't eaten. He was like that when he was introduced taking down Stinky the Skunk until Jake the Polar Bear had to call Yves St. La Roache who brought in a plant for Lenny to eat.

The Lenny puppet was used as Gilda the Gorilla for episode 326.

The puppet was also used in several Mopatop's Shop episodes -- as Monty in "Monty's Fuzzy Wuzz", as Mary the Gorilla in "Hair Fairy", and as an unnamed gorilla in "Hiccups".

Several years later, the gorilla puppet (but with different eyes) appeared in Episode 4225 of Sesame Street as an ape dressed as an angel singing a song about acorns, and also appeared in Episode 4224 during the song "There's an App for That" as a chimp who likes to chat.