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DEBUT 1976
DESIGN Jim Henson designer
  Don Sahlin builder

Lenny the Lizard tms204.jpg

Lenny the Lizard is a turquoise lizard with yellow ping pong ball eyes, black eyelashes and pointy teeth who often performed with the monsters and Frackles. He bears a passing, although somewhat sinister, resemblance to Kermit the Frog.

In fact, Lenny substituted for Kermit in two appearances on The Muppet Show, first in "The Glow-Worm" sketch that Kermit made famous on variety shows in the 1960s, and later when he auditioned for the role of the show's emcee in episode 208.

The Lenny puppet was later reused for various roles in episodes of Mopatop's Shop.



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