PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 2003

Leonard Wolf is the Big Bad Wolf's brother, a gentle soul who's embarrassed by his more volatile brother. He appeared on Sesame Street in Episode 4035.

When Leonard showed up, Elmo and Rosita assumed that he was a bad wolf, and they screamed at him to go away. Leonard explained that he's different: "I don't always do the same thing as my brother! I'm not a huffer and puffer. Why, I don't even chase pigs! I do play canasta with them every Thursday. And that's not all! On Tuesdays, I practice the violin. On Wednesdays, chess -- followed by tai chi! Yes, there's lots of things to do if you're not so busy huffing and puffing."

Gina helped Elmo and Rosita to see that each wolf is an individual, just like monsters and people.

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