PERFORMER Joey Mazzarino
DEBUT 2015
PATTERN Orange Gold

Leonardo da Crunchy is world-famous cookie artist whose legacy is introduced in the Sesame Street special, The Cookie Thief. He is a parody Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo's works include Self-Portrait, Lady With Cookie, Vitruvian Gingerbread Man and the most famous piece of cookie art - the Muncha Lisa.

In a flashback piece, the origin of the painting is shown. From his studio in Italy, Leonardo needs Muncha Lisa to smile, but she's instead sobbing. His furry, blue assistant Grovero's attempts to make her happy with silly dancing and putting animals on his head only worsens her mood. It's not until a cow Grovero bears falls on top of him that Muncha Lisa finally smiles in hysterics at Grovero's pratfall. Leonardo asks Grovero to keep getting crushed by the cow until he's finished painting. "Oh, how I suffer for his art," his assistant sighs.