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Let's Play School is a 1988 Sesame Street interactive home video released for the View-Master Interactive Vision video game system. The system came with a simple controller which included a joystick and three colorful buttons. As the video plays, the characters address the player directly, and ask the player to make a choice by pressing one of the buttons. The video has a number of different soundtracks recorded, and the player's choices toggle back and forth between the soundtracks, giving the impression that the player has changed the course of the story.

Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Big Bird greets the player and informs them that today, they'll be playing pretend school. Gina has set up a classroom in Big Bird's nest area, where Big Bird, Telly and Elmo are the students. First, Gina plans on telling them a story, with the help of a special friend. The player picks specific elements they want to hear in the story and Gina introduces their special guest...
SCENE 1 cont'd ...Buster the Horse, who recites the finalized story.
Cartoon A little boy asks his big brother questions about what happens at school.
Artist: John Korty
(First: Episode 1877)
Song "School Song"
(First: Episode 0986)
Wiggling the joystick in the schoolroom shows special, school elements.
SCENE 2 Elmo wants to learn about letters and numbers. Gina instructs the player to choose a specific letter from their special grid. She then plays a film that will include their letter...
Film Fireworks Alphabet
(First: Episode 1104)
Muppets A shark sings about his "Perfectly Pearl-White Teeth."
(First: Episode 1446)
Wiggling the joystick brushes the shark's teeth.
SCENE 3 Telly points out that in real school, they can draw on the blackboard. Gina instructs the player on how to use their joystick to draw on their own blackboard.
Rhyme With BUY
Muppets Cookie Monster comes to the bakery looking for something delicious that rhymes with BUY. He tries the I (from the MIKE'S BAKERY sign) and the baker's TIE, both of which aren't that delicious. Finally, Guy Smiley comes in and loudly announces that he would like to BUY a PIE. Cookie then knows what he can get in the bakery that rhymes with BUY and is delicious: it's GUY! A chase ensues, and Cookie asks the baker to send him the bill.
(First: Episode 0481)
The player can press the green button when they hear the rhymes.
SCENE 4 Gina reminds the player to remember the letter they chose before and tells them to press the green button when they see it in the next segment.
Cartoon Madrigal Alphabet
Animation by Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 0615)
Muppets "Doin' the Pigeon" (intro verses cut)
(First: Episode 0536)
Pressing the red and green buttons brings some animated pigeons on-screen.

SCENE 5 Gina continues her lesson, when they're disrupted by the sounds of Oscar and the Grouchketeers, who have formed their own school (The Ebenezer Scrooge Elementary School). Oscar tells the player that they will be planning their school day. First, the player picks a story to hear - either "Speedy the Happy Garden Slug" or "Louie the Lucky Lobster."
SCENE 5 cont'd The Grouchketeers boo the story and move onto lunch. The player's options are either the Grouch Tomato or Potato Surprise. The surprise turns out to be that the food (which turns out to be alive) is inedible.
SCENE 5 cont'd The last part of school is show and tell. Oscar gives the player the option of hearing about Ralpie's pet dog, Junkyard or Malika's shark, Sullivan. Oscar then declares recess. Gina and the gang, who've been listening the whole time, are appalled by Oscar's school and want to return to their own lesson plan. Gina points them toward the following...
Muppets Grover sings to Prairie Dawn about "Sharing."
The player can press their buttons to bring up graphics of the food items.
(First: Episode 1953)

SCENE 6 Telly recalls his friend, who attends real school, has a role called "blackboard monitor" and queries what that means. Gina explains it's someone who erased the blackboard at the end of the day and has the player erase their virtual blackboard. Everyone looks forward to playing school again tomorrow and waves the player goodbye.


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