Written by Christopher Cerf
Date 1979
Publisher Splotched Animal Music Co.
First Episode 1495

"Letter B" is a song parody of The Beatles' song "Let It Be," sung on Sesame Street by The Beetles. Richard Hunt provided lead vocals. As the title implies, the song teaches about B words.

Christopher Cerf, who lost his voice at the time, later sung a portion of the song at the Brooklyn Public Library on November 21, 2009.


  • When the Beatles' catalogue was still owned by Northern Songs, the company attempted to sue Children's Television Workshop for $5.5 million. They cited that the song too closely resembled "Let It Be." Before the case came to trial, Michael Jackson purchased the Lennon/McCartney catalogue and the suit was dropped. The Children's Television Workshop was only fined $50, which was paid out of Christopher Cerf's own pocket. Paul McCartney, who was not involved in the lawsuit, wrote to Cerf saying that he liked the song.[1]
  • On the Count It Higher: Great Music Videos from Sesame Street home video, the segment has MTV-style captions that refer to "Lemon Records" (a parody of "Apple Records"), and also had an album name that would later be released onto CD five years later (Sesame Road); the lyrics to this song were released in the original release of the video.


Audio (album version)


  1. Chris Cerf at a book signing for Street Gang, 1/5/09 [1]
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