PERFORMER Kathryn Mullen
DEBUT 1991

Lila is a monster who appears in Episode 2848 of Sesame Street.

In the episode, Lila is first seen playing a game of Wubbaball in the park with her monster friends when Elmo comes along and asks if he can play. One of the monsters, Greta, refuses to let him join in, saying only blue monsters are allowed. However, Lila doesn't think fur color should make any difference, and since the wubba ball is hers, she insists that Elmo be allowed in the game. The other monsters agree and invite Elmo to play. Later, Lila joins Elmo on Sesame Street, where she's introduced to Big Bird.

The Anything Muppet monster puppet used for Lila would be recycled nearly a decade later for the first incarnation of Lulu; both of them share similar features.

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