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DEBUT 2010

Lily on Sesame Street

Lily is a tiger cub from Zhima Jie: Da Niao Kan Shijie, the second Chinese co-production of Sesame Street. She enjoys singing, dancing and learning how to read. Lily loves martial arts so much that she sometimes accidentally breaks things.

Lily was among the international characters used for Sesame Workshop's Dream, Save, Do campaign, appearing in original video content alongside the American and international Muppet characters. She made a special guest appearance on Sesame Street in Episode 4816, manning a Chinese food stand at an international food festival on the street. She was dubbed by voice actor Patty Mattson[1] and puppeteered by Pam Arciero.[2] She appeared again in Episode 5414 in 2024 to celebrate the Lunar New Year.[3] She was performed in this instance by Liz Hara.[4] She also made a special appearance in the 2021 Sesame Street book, Home for the Holidays.

Lily appeared in Sesame Street's Big Birthday Blowout, a 2019 stage show at Universal Studios Singapore, as a walk-around character.


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