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Linda in Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration

Linda is a librarian who worked at the Sesame Street Library on Sesame Street. She was introduced on the show in Episode 0243 from season two, and featured as a regular character until season 33. She was initially introduced as an actor for the National Theatre of the Deaf (mirroring her real life role), moved to Sesame Street in Episode 0326, and became a librarian in Episode 1868 (mirroring her real life degree in library science.)

Linda is Deaf, as is her performer. As a Deaf character, Linda allowed the producers of Sesame Street to teach viewers about sign language and address issues faced by Deaf people. Her segments and appearances often focused on American Sign Language (ASL), such as "Signs for the Hearing". She also featured in several sketches with other human cast members, and appeared in several Maria as Chaplin skits.

She and Bob were very close, and a romantic relationship between the two was implied at various times. For a time, Linda was the owner of Barkley the dog, who could understand some ASL. Occasionally, her thoughts were read aloud by other performers, including Ivy Austin in Episode 2485 and Fran Brill in Episode 3059.

Linda also participated in some songs using ASL, such as "Sing" with Olivia in Episode 1330. In the 1978 TV special Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, she led a group of kids who signed the entirety of "Keep Christmas with You".

The character no longer appears on the show, but some of her archive segments were used after her departure (as in Episode 4106, which introduces Bob's deaf niece Samara), and she continued to be mentioned in Sesame Street Magazine. She made a return appearance in Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration.


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