Linda Joy is an American actress who, growing up in Europe and raised in Germany, became active in German dubbing. She voiced Baby Piggy in the German dub of Muppet Babies (and of Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue). She also dubbed Babble (Plappermaul) in Das Hasenpicknick (The Tale of the Bunny Picnic).

Joy was a staple of German cartoons in the 1980s, dubbing Wilma on The Flintstone Kids, Joey on Dennis the Menace, Nippet on The Ewoks, Bright Eye son The Pound Puppies, Josie Pye in the Anne of Green Gables anime, and various kids on The Simpsons. She voiced Peggy Guggenheim in both English and German versions of the 1991 documentary Max Ernst. On-camera, she appeared in episodes of [[Tatort] and Der Alte.‎ Returning to the United States of America in recent years, she has been heard in English language projects such as Ice Age: Continental Drift (one of the fuzzy creatures), the video game Wasteland 2 (Dr. Rose) and the documentary When the World Came to San Francisco.

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