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Lindbergh jhh.jpg
PERFORMER Gord Robertson
DEBUT 1989
DESIGN Michael Frith designer
  Rollie Krewson builder

Lindbergh was a shaggy kiwi bird who worked as a maintenance man for MuppeTelevision on The Jim Henson Hour. He would typically tackle his repair jobs with brute force. For example, in episode 105, he took off after a malfunctioning Digit with a sledgehammer.

Lindbergh was modified into Clive the Kiwi for The Animal Show. As Clive, his clothes were removed, his feathers became fluffier, and his beak was given thin whiskers.


Episode 101: Outer Space
Episode 102: Oceans
Episode 103: Power
Episode 105: First Show
Episode 110: Secrets of the Muppets