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Little Bo Peep is a famously ineffective shepherdess who is urged in a nursery rhyme to take a laissez faire attitude toward her lost sheep, and let them come home to her rather than trying to find them.

She has appeared as a character on Sesame Street in several different versions, usually made out of the Large Lavender Live Hand Anything Muppet.

Picture Summary Description
Sesame Street News Flash
(First: Episode 1047)
Kermit tries to help Little Bo Peep (performed by Jerry Nelson) find her sheep, with little success.
Lost and Found Department
(First: Episode 1964)
Little Bo Peep (Fran Brill) shows up at the lost and found, looking for her sheep. The clerk, a Fat Blue live hand AM (played by Jim Henson) asks her for a description, but she keeps forgetting important details. First he finds her a cat, then a dog, and then her sheep. He asks her how many she had, but she says she wouldn't dare try to count them. He starts counting them himself, then falls asleep.
Episode 2272 Little Bo Peep (Pam Arciero) arrives in a Jeep to pick up her sheep.
"Bo Peep"
(First: Episode 2841)
Little Bo Peep (Fran Brill) appears in a 1990 Sesame Street sketch with Bo Jackson, spoofing his "Bo Knows" commercials. In the sketch, Muppets describe all the things that Bo knows, including "Bo knows empty and full" and "Bo knows cookies". At the end, Bo Peep interrupts the sketch to say, "Bo, you don't know Peep!" Jackson introduces himself to Ms. Peep as rock and roll guitarist Bo Diddley shrugs.
Episode 3064 After spending the day with Bo Peep's sheep, Prairie Dawn finally gets hold of the irresponsible shepherdess and lies to her that they weren't any trouble. So Ms. Peep (Camille Bonora), not wanting to spoil the fun, leaves her sheep with Prairie for a few more days.
Wegman's Weimeraner's
(First: Episode 3468)
Batty the Weimeraner appears dressed as Little Bo Peep.
Episode 3807 A Green AM Little Bo Peep with a raspy voice (Alice Dinnean) appears in an insert where her sheep help Big Bird rhyme the word "beep."
Episode 4027 The Nursery Rhyme Characters show up at Gina's for checkups.
Journey to Ernie
(First: Episode 4057)
Ernie poses as Little Bo Peep's sheep to evade Big Bird.
Episode 4188 Little Bo Peep (Fran Brill) has traded in her sheep for a cow, which she still manages to lose. This iteration of Bo Peep, with the same design and performer, would go to appear in Episode 4278 and 4281 (once again in the company of sheep).
Count bo peep.JPG
Sesame Street's Mother Goose Rhymes The Count helps Bo Peep count her sheep

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