Little Jerry sings "Telephone Rock".

Template:Am Little Jerry is the lead singer of Little Jerry and the Monotones and has performed several songs on Sesame Street, including "Four," "Telephone Rock," and "Mad. Though part of the group, he appeared absent in "Mary Had a Bicycle". (EKA: Episode 0698) He also appeared without the Monotones in an early 1970 sketch with a group of other Hippies (and the proto Grover) demonstrating "Foward" and "Backward" with a Hot Pink Anything Muppet leading the lecture. (First: Episode 0069)

Although Little Jerry usually appeared as a redhead, he had black hair in one sketch where Grover talked about the word "exit". (EKA: Episode 0261)

In a 2000 episode, Little Jerry got a revised look. He no longer had his hippie clothing, and now wore a white shirt, black vest, a new kind of medallion, and a pair of sun glasses.

In the 1990 VHS "Rock & Roll!", a photo of Little Jerry, Big Jeffy, and another Fat Blue Anything Muppet can be seen on Jackman Wolf's desk (later in the backround).

Little Jerry was considered to be male, but in one Shalom Sesame sketch, in which an actress dubbed the character for "Proud," host Mandy Patinkin introduced the rocker as female: "Little Jeri (sic) is loud and proud, and why shouldn't she be?."

Little Jerry was named after and usually performed by Jerry Nelson, but Fran Brill performed him in a sketch where Grover and the Monotones demonstrate the word "walk".

Jerry Nelson later talked about the character and his group in a 2009 interview:

Little Jerry was Jeff Moss’ thing. I think deep in his heart he wrote that because he loves to sing bass. They were wonderful pieces. They were so much fun to do.[1]

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