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Little Miss Muffet from Sesame Street.

Little Miss Muffet from Mother Goose Stories

The Little Miss Muffet Pageant

Ms. Muffet-Malone

Prairie Dawn reporting for "Nursery Rhyme News" on Goldilocks taking over Miss Muffet's tuffet.

Nursery Rhyme Day on Sesame Street, with Zoe as Miss Muffet and Baby Bear as the spider.

Little Miss Muffet enjoying her stew.

Little Miss Muffet is one of the most commonly printed nursery rhymes. They rhyme first appeared in print in 1805, and its origins are unkown. Some believe it to be written by a sixteenth century entomologist (one who studies insects), while others believe it is in reference to Mary, Queen of Scots and her fear of religious reformer John Knox.

The most common lyrics to the rhyme are as follows:

β€œLittle Miss Muffett sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey; Along came a spider, who sat down beside her and frightened Miss Muffet away.”

The poem has been the inspiration and basis for many Muppet productions and references.




  • In a 1992 episode of Sesame Street, Little Miss Muffet donates the whey from her curds and whey as part of Elmo's alphabet collection.
  • In a 1993 episode of Sesame Street, Humpty Dumpty decides to sit on a tuffet, like Little Miss Muffet. Unfortunately, he falls off and shatters when he sees a spider.
  • In another 1993 episode of Sesame Street, Miss Muffet has gotten married and is now known as Ms. Muffet-Malone. Her poem is now known as:
"Ms. Muffet-Malone sat on a throne
With her husband Frank, eating curds and whey
When a spider who'd seen them
Sat right in between them
And frightened them both away!"
  • When Mother Goose came to visit Sesame Street in episode 3057, she reveals that Miss Muffet grew up to be a bug-and-spider specialist.
  • In a 2005 episode of Sesame Street, Goldilocks sits on Miss Muffet's tuffet, causing the real Miss Muffet to accuse her of stealing her nursery rhyme.
  • In Elmo's World: Bugs, Prairie Dawn tells the story of Little Miss Muffet in a video email. A spider shows up who prefers yogurt and granola to curds and whey.
  • William Wegman featured Miss Muffet in one of his film segments with his dogs for Sesame Street.
  • The theme of a 2001 episode of Sesame Street is "Nursery Rhyme Day," and Zoe takes on the role of Miss Muffet, with Baby Bear and the Kids playing the role of the Spider. Zoe doesn't want to play Miss Muffet, as she's never had curds and whey before, but Big Bird suggests that she try it. Baby Bear counters she doesn't have to, since it is his job to scare her away before she does so. He is unable to do so though, as she discovers that she indeed likes curds and whey, and she finds Baby Bear and the kids' spider costume funny. Unhappy with the outcome of the rhyme, Big Bird rewrites it, allowing both Miss Muffet and the spiders to all have their own bowls of curds and whey.
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