Little Orphan Annie's portrait, hanging over a dozing Brewster.


Baby Scooter as Little Orphan Annie.


Sesame Place poster

Little Orphan Annie is a comic strip character created by Harold Gray in 1924, and since adapted for radio, animation, film, television, and most notably, the 1977 Broadway musical Annie. Gray's trademark was the pupil-less eyes of his characters.


  • In the July 27, 1963 issue of TV Guide, Billy and Sue appear. Billy has deliberately blanked out eyes, accompanied by the caption "Sue and Billy: He loves Little Orphan Annie" (the "blanked eyes" joke had previously been used by Walt Kelly in Pogo.)
  • In the waiting area for the Sesame Place stage show Elmo the Musical, a poster for "Abby" is used on the wall. The tagline reads, "The Sun Will Twinkle Tomorrow!"
  • At Sesame Street at SeaWorld, the backstage theater area has a rack of costumes used for the Sesame Street Community Theater. Among them is Annie's iconic red dress.


  • Carol Burnett played Miss Hannigan in the 1982 film.
  • Nell Carter played Miss Hannigan in the 1997 Broadway revival.
  • Kristin Chenoweth played Lily St. Regis in the 1999 TV movie
  • Joan Collins played Lady Edwina Hogbottom in the 1995 TV movie Annie: A Royal Adventure!
  • Alan Cumming played Rooster Hannigan in the 1999 TV movie.
  • Tim Curry played Rooster Hannigan in the 1982 film.
  • Sutton Foster played the "Star to Be," Ronnie Boylan, Cecille, a dogcatcher, and ensemble roles in the 1997 revival.
  • Jamie Foxx plays William Stacks in the 2014 film
  • Victor Garber played Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks in the 1999 TV movie
  • Fred Garbo played a background juggler in the 1982 film version.
  • Geoffrey Holder played Punjab in the 1982 film version.
  • Jane Lynch played Miss Hannigan during the second Broadway revival (May to July 2013)
  • Audra McDonald played Grace Farrell in the in the 1999 TV movie.
  • Peter Marshall played Bert Healy in the 1982 film version.
  • Rob Marshall directed the 1999 television adaptation.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker played July (an orphan) and then took over as Annie on Broadway (ca. 1979-1980).
  • Bernadette Peters played Lily St. Regis in the 1982 film.
  • Vic Polizos played the beat cop in the 1999 TV movie.
  • Jon Richards played Frack in the 1982 film version.
  • Allison Smith played Annie during the Broadway run, ca. 1980-1981
  • Olan Soule played Aha the cook in the 1930s Little Orphan Annie radio serial.
  • Sally Struthers played Miss Hannigan in the 1998 20th Anniversary National Tour.
  • Raquel Welch played Little Orphan Annie in a comedy skit in the 1972 special The Funny Papers.
  • Cameron Diaz plays Miss Hannigan in the 2014 film.

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