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Little Red Riding Hood in "Musical Fairy Tales".

Ernie as Little Red Riding Hood.

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Wilkins and Wontkins renact the story in a Wilkins Coffee commercial.

Little Red Riding Hood is the central figure in the classic fairy tale of the same name. In the most common version of the story, she goes into the woods to take food to her grandmother's house. Along the way she meets The Big Bad Wolf who convinces her to stop and pick some flowers. The Big Bad Wolf then runs ahead, eats her grandmother, and disguises himself as her grandmother. When she finally arrives at her grandmother's house she in turn is eaten by the wolf. A friendly woodsmen rescues them, and helps them kill the wolf.

On Sesame Street, she has attended Storybook Community School. She has a sister named Little Green Riding Hood. In some of her appearances on Sesame Street, she often mistakes everyone she meets for her grandmother and continuously calls them that.

Screen appearances

  • In a third "Sesame Street News Flash", Cookie Monster dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. The Big Bad Wolf also appears in this sketch, but he appears as a doctor taking care of Granny.
  • An animated insert features Little Red Riding Hood (voiced by Fran Brill) following the path on a map to get to her grandma's house, only to find the Big Bad Wolf in grandma's clothing. (First: Episode 2686)

Print appearances

Parodies and Mentions


Wolle imagines the role on Sesamstrasse.

Eine Mรถhre fรผr Zwei has Little Red Riding... Wolf?


Little Red Riding Fork, as referenced by Rizzo on Muppet Babies in 2020.

Sesame Street
  • In episode 2321 of Sesamstrasse, Wolle imagines what it would be like to be Little Red Riding Hood, with Nils as the huntsman, Pferd as the stand-in for the Big Bad Wolf who was on vacation in the Bahamas, and Rumpel as the grandmother.
  • Zoe plays both Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother in the 2004 Sesame Street coloring book, Big Bird's Favorite Fairy Tales. Cookie Monster takes the role of the Wolf. At the end of the story, the Wolf convinces Red and Granny that they should all have a picnic, and share the basket together.
  • Zoe also appears as Little Red Riding Hood in the 2008 book Storybook ABCs. Elmo appears as the Big Bad Wolf's replacement.
  • Wilkins plays the title role in a Wilkins Coffee commercial. Wontkins plays the part of the Big Bad Wolf, who has already eaten Red Riding Hood's grandmother. Red Riding Hood recommends some Wilkins to wash her down.
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