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Littlethings orig.jpg
Written by Joe Raposo
Date 1972
Publisher Jonico Music, Inc.

"Little Things" has been recorded many times for Sesame Street about the beauty one can find in minute aspects of nature.

The song was originally performed by Bob in Episode 0528. Composer Joe Raposo would then perform the song himself for a film insert. (First: Episode 0655) Prairie Dawn later covered the song for Sing: Songs of Joe Raposo.

Tony Bennett later performed the song with Lexine. (First: Episode 3402)

In two episodes of season 31, an instrumental of the song is used for the score. In Episode 3851, it accompanies a sequence of ballet dancers performing in chairs. In Episode 3860, the music is used as underscore as Telly contemplates on the miracle of birth, after witnessing his pet hamster Chuckie Sue deliver four babies.

The segment was remade with animation by Misseri Studio, and used to directly follow the story of "Little Big Bird" in Episode 4108. A newer recording was also made with a solo bass vocalist. This version was incorporated into the direct-to-video production Abby in Wonderland, with new vocals by Abby Cadabby and Elmo.


Audio (Prairie Dawn's version)
Audio (Joe Raposo's version)
Audio (Tony Bennett)

Non-Muppet performances

  • Diana Panton on her 2015 album I Believe in Little Things