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for other uses, see Lola (disambiguation)
Lola Plaza Sesamo
DEBUT 1995
DESIGN Ed Christie designer
  Rollie Krewson builder

Lola is a pink monster who lives on Plaza Sésamo, the Mexican co-production of Sesame Street. She appears in the Street segments of the show and also has her own segment, "Lola Aventuras."

In 2004, performer Rocío Lara traveled to El Salvador to record three public service announcements with Lola encouraging young children to go to school. The three one-minute segments focused on writing, playing in school, and learning science. The project was sponsored by EDIFAM, an El Salvadoran non-profit that promotes early childhood education. The segments were recorded in August 2004, and aired starting in October. This was the first time that a Sesame character had visited the country.[1]

Lola was included as a floral sculpture on a 2008 Tournament of Roses Parade float, along with other international Sesame characters. In 2013, Lola appeared on ¡Despierta América! along with the main monsters from Sesame Street.

Around 2015, the Plaza Sésamo production was dropped. Lola is the only character retained from the program in new productions targeted at the Latin American audiences. She appears alongside the American cast (as well as other international characters) in videos for the "Dream, Save, Do" initiative and served as one of the co-hosts of Sesame Amigos. In 2017, she and Abby Cadabby co-starred in their own spin-off Pequeñas Aventureras. The first season was dubbed, and a new series aired in Brazil in 2021 as Pequenas Aventureiras (with Kelly Guidotti as performer).

Sesame Workshop description[]

Lola is a furry pink girl with a fringe of orange feathers. The four-year-old loves riddles, rhymes, songs, and surprises. She also likes counting, numbers, the letter "L" and the color pink. Her best friend Abelardo often finds Lola playing the harmonica, exercising, or enjoying plants and nature. She’s very sure of herself and wants to do everything on her own. Lola sometimes pushes Pancho to the limits of his patience because she likes to be the leader. She is very caring and playful and loves to learn new things and be challenged with new opportunities. Her laughter is contagious. Birthday: February 23


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