Lolita the Chicken performs a dancing chicken act with Gonzo in The Muppet Show episode 204 to the song "Tea for Two." Despite Gonzo's urgings, Lolita hardly moves, being only moderately more active than Amy the Dancing Brick. Lolita is one of several live animals to be featured in the second season of The Muppet Show, and her act with Gonzo is reminiscent of his pairing in episode 208 with Yolanda.

Lolita is notable for being the first chicken to inspire Gonzo's passion. In Of Muppets and Men, Dave Goelz said:

There was a moment during the second season when I had Gonzo ad-lib a line that was, I think, important for my understanding of his character. He'd been auditioning chickens for the show -- dancing chickens -- and they were all terrible. At the end of the scene I had him turn to the camera and say, 'Nice legs, though.' Something jelled right there. It told me something about him.

The attraction to chickens that began with Lolita would eventually lead Gonzo his long-term relationship with Camilla, which began in episode 318.

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