Written by Colette Moran and Trudy Nickels
Illustrator Animagination, Inc.
Tom Brannon (character art and cover)
Published 1996
Publisher Publications International
Series Look and Find
ISBN 0785317295

Look and Find Muppets is a 1996 activity book in which readers "hunt" for hidden Muppets in busy, two-page illustrations. The book is based on the popular mid-90s "Where's Waldo?" craze, although the Muppets' illustrations are less detailed and much easier to solve than the typical Waldo page.

The illustrations are faithful to the Muppet spirit, including many Muppet cast members, as well as rats, chickens, pigs, penguins, monsters and Whatnots. Two of the illustrations are based on Muppet movies.


  • Tarzan: Kermit the Frog (Tarzan), Miss Piggy (Jane), Bunsen and Beaker (Collectors), Rowlf the Dog (Chief), Gonzo (Explorer), Monster (Builder), Janice, Scooter, Statler and Waldorf, Animal, the Swedish Chef.
  • Cinderella: Kermit the Frog (Prince Kermit), Rowlf the Dog (Cowboy Rowlf), Janice (Eskimo), Fozzie Bear (Golfer), Whatnot (Jogger), Elf, Penguin (Skier), Rizzo the Rat, Zoot, Annie Sue, Scooter, Link Hogthrob, Miss Piggy, Bunsen Honeydew, Animal, Beaker.
  • Cleopatra: Miss Piggy (Cleopigtra), Kermit the Frog (Frog Anthony), Gonzo (Gonzius Pilate), Fozzie Bear (Fozzius Caesar), Whatnots (Mummy mommy, Dr. Irus), Rowlf the Dog, Janice.
  • Robin Hood: Kermit the Frog (Robin Hood), Miss Piggy (Maid Piggy), Rizzo the Rat (Sheriff of Nottingham), Fozzie Bear (Little John), Rowlf the Dog (Merry Minstrel), Whatnot (Jester), Gonzo (Prince John), Bunsen Honeydew (Friar Tuck), Beaker, Janice, Scooter.


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