Los Dinosaurios is the Spanish-language version of Dinosaurs, broadcast in Mexico. Like most dubs of American imports, only the dialogue was changed, with an announcer translating on-screen titles and logos. However, the Spanish package did include "I'm the Baby (Gotta Love Me)" and a second Baby Sinclair music video (edited from show footage) with most broadcasts.

Character English Voice Spanish Voice
Earl Sinclair
Stuart Pankin
Francisco Colmenero
Fran Sinclair
Jessica Walter
Angela Villanueva
Charlene Sinclair
Sally Struthers
Patricia Acevedo
Robbie Sinclair
Jason Willinger
Yamil Atala
Baby Sinclair
Kevin Clash
María Fernanda Morales
Abuela Ethil
Florence Stanley
Carmen Donadio
Roy Hess
Sam McMurray
Arturo Mercado
Christopher Meloni
Raul Aldana
Caroline Foxworth
Jessica Lundy
Diana Santos
Jessica Lundy
María Fernanda Morales
Sir David Tushingham
Paxton Whitehead
Arturo Mercado
Diana Santos
Padre de Francois
Tim Curry
Raul Aldana
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