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Los Fraguel is Spain's version of Fraggle Rock. its first run was on TVE between 1986-1992 and on Antena 3 in 1996. Like most of the international versions, it was a dub, with no new Doc or postcard footage.

Unlike most of the international versions, however, this dub also translates most of the series, except for "The Gorg Who Would Be King", and "Change of Address".

The series' popularity in Spain led to translations of the Marvel Comics comic book, as well as such unauthorized tributes as an alternative rock band called "Los Fraguels" and a Fraguel Rock Bar in Madrid, with Boober in the logo.

In 2003, original puppets of Gobo, Wembley, and Red were donated to the "Museu Internacional de Titelles de Albaida," located in Valencia, in honor of the series' 20th anniversary.

In 2005, the first season was released on DVD in Spain.



Museu Internacional de Titelles de Albaida

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