Los Hoobs on DVD

Los Hoobs is the Castilian Spanish dub of The Hoobs, as televised in Spain, over Telemadrid, beginning in 2002. In September 2006, a new companion piece was added, "Hello Hoobs," a co-production of Planeta Junior (European distributor of the series and other Henson offerings) and individual networks.

The five minute "Hello Hoobs" segment include excerpts from the English-language version, edited to function as a teaching tool. Targeted at viewers between the ages of four and eight, the segment uses the Hoobs to expand English-language vocabulary and explain rudiments of grammar. The stated goal was to teach 400 words and 150 different expressions. The segment airs immediately prior to the half hour Los Hoobs broadcast on a weekly basis, and is compiled into a half-hour weekend broadcast, to serve as a review of knowledge.

A companion series, Els Hoobs, dubbed in Catalan and broadcast in the Catalania region of Spain, also incorporated "Hello Hoobs."



  • Dubbing Director: Jorge García Tomé
  • Translation: Ivars Barzdevics
  • Dubbing Studio: Alta Frecuencia

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