"Los Monstruos También Lloran" ("The Monsters Also Cry") is a recurring segment on Plaza Sésamo which debuted in the 2005 season.

Spoofing telenovelas, each segment pairs Abelardo, Lola, Pancho Contreras, or Multimonstruo with a celebrity, usually a telenovela star. The characters become emotional over minor situations, which are always solved by the episode's end.

Several of the segments were collected on the DVD, Los monstruos feos más bellos.


Picture First Appearance Description
Episodio 804 Danna Paola helps Ojos Locos cope with his emotions.
Episodio 807 A surprise birthday party is thrown for Andrea Legarreta.
Episodio 823 Edith Gonzalez, as "Edith Antonio," prepares an Italian dinner for Pancho, but is distraught to discover she forgot the onions. Pancho arrives with the needed vegetable, and Edith cries again, this time tears of joy brought on by the onions.
Episodio 837 Eugenio Derbez and a monster wait for their pizza.
Episodio 841 Lola is sad that her phone isn't ringing. Eduardo Santamarina comes by after hearing Lola's cries and tries to find out what's wrong with her phone. He first tries to talk in the speaker, rocking it to sleep with a lullaby, and then giving CPR to the phone hoping it would be alive.

When nothing works, Eduardo looks around the phone and finds out that the cord to Lola's phone has been unplugged. When the cord is plugged in, the phone starts to ring, but Lola doesn't answer it because she wants to listen to the phone ring.

Episodio 852 Daniela Aedo appears in a lesson about friendship.
Episodio 875 Leticia Calderon comes by to Manuel's house to borrow some sugar. Manuel is so excited that he invites her into his house and calls to Daniela and Abelardo to see Leticia. When Abelardo took a look at Leticia, he became very shy and hides from her. After Leticia says hello and talks to him, Abelardo overcome his shyness and introduce himself to Leticia. Then Abelardo ask Manuel to take a photo of him with Leticia, but she is scared of having her picture taken and looks away as the camera flash went off. After seeing that there is nothing to be afraid of, Leticia wanted another picture taken of her with Abelardo and Daniela. Manuel happily takes another one and this time getting everyone's faces in the picture.
Episodio 877 Arath de la Torre discovers he is out of nutritious food to make breakfast and didn't know what to do. Suddenly he got an idea and calls Lola to ask if he could get some milk from her for his breakfast. Lola says that she has a carton of milk and will bring it to him. Along the way, Lola sees Pancho and Elefancio and she told them about how Torre has no food for his breakfast. Pancho feels sorry for Torre and decides to help by bringing him some eggs. Just then, La Abuela comes by and Lola told her about Torre having no food for breakfast. La Abuela decides to bring him some fruits since they are very sweet to eat. When they all arrived at Torre's house with the food, Torre is so happy that he invites his friends to a good healthy breakfast.
Episodio 920 Ernesto Laguardia and Lola are playing soccer in the kitchen, when Ernesto Laguardia hits the ball with his head and it hits Abuela's cake. They are afraid that La Abuela would be mad at them. When La Abuela arrives, she is shocked at the cake and starts to cry. She scolds Ernesto and Lola and told them not to play ball in the house. Ernesto and Lola tried to make it up by making the cake again for her. After making the cake, they both promise to Abuela that they would never play ball in the house again.
Episodio 961 Lola had just finishing doing exercise and wants a drink of water. However, when she goes to the refrigerator, she cannot tell which is the bottle of water between a bottle of juice and a bottle of milk. After sampling each of them, she realizes she's still thirsty and there's no water left. The show's director pulls her off set to show her there's plenty of bottles on the bottom shelf.
Episodio 963 Julio Bracho plans to use his camera to take a picture of Lola, Daniela, and Manuel for La Abuela. However, Daniela doesn't smile for the camera and Julio becomes very sad. Daniela reveals that her teeth aren't clean and Lola then reveals her teeth aren't clean either. After they both brush their teeth, they are ready to have their picture taken.
Episodio 964 Pancho and Vielka Venezuela try to ask each other a question, but Modesto Microfono interrupts them with his own questions.
Episodio 968 William Levy is planning to go on a date to the movies with Roberta, but the female monster doesn't want to go because her hair is in a mess. Luckily, William Levy has some supplies to make the hair look good. After fail attempts to make the hair look good, William Levy made his hair messy to make Roberta feel better.

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