Los Muppets Toman Nueva York or Los Muppets Toman Manhattan is the Mexican dub of The Muppets Take Manhattan. The same dub has been used in other Latin American countries, including Argentina, and it is utilized as the Spanish track on US DVD release. The most recent Latin American DVD used the title Los Muppets en Nueva York.

The soundtrack was dubbed in the Churubusco Azteca studios in Mexico, with Kermit Love serving as supervisor (but not voice director) to ensure the characters reflected the original sound.


English Name Spanish Name Spanish Voice Actor
Kermit the Frog La Rana René José María Iglesias
Miss Piggy Piggy/Peggy Gloria Rocha
Gonzo El Increíble Gonzo Héctor Lee
Fozzie Bear Figaredo Álvaro Tarcicio
Rowlf the Dog Rufo Juan Domingo Méndez
Scooter N/A Jaime Vega
Dr. Teeth Dr. Dientes Eduardo Borja
Janice N/A Georgina Salas
Statler and Waldorf Tadeo Juan Domingo Méndez
Waldorf Ezequiel Héctor Lee
Jill N/A Eugenia Avendaño
Yolanda Patricia Acevedeo
Jenny Rocío Garcel
Ronnie Crawford Yamil Atala
Bernard Crawford Narciso Busquets
Liza Minelli Rocío Garcel
Mr. Skeffington Sr. Skeffington Francisco Colmenero
The Minister Sacerdote Héctor Lee


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