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Los Teleñecos is the Castilian Spanish dub of Muppets Tonight. The series was broadcast in Spain over Canal+ in 1997.

No change was made to the title card. A spoken voice-over by Carlos Revilla gave the title as Los Teleñecos ("The Muppets"). However, newspaper listings gave the title as Los Teleñecos con..., with the trailing ellipses followed by the name of the guest star.

Character Translations and Voices

English Name Spanish Name Spanish Voice Actor
Clifford David García Vázquez
Kermit the Frog La Rana Gustavo Juan Antonio Arroyo
Gonzo Iñaki Crespo
Fozzie Osito Fozzie Jose Padilla
Rizzo Rizzo la Rata Rafael Alonso Naranjo Jr.
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Javier Franquelo
Statler and Waldorf Eduardo Moreno (Statler)
Julio Sanchidrián (Waldorf)
David Hoggselhoff David Jamonhoff Carlos Revilla


  • Voice director: Carlos Revilla

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