PERFORMER Cheryl Wagner
DEBUT 1983

Lou is a Fraggle who befriended Wembley in the first season Fraggle Rock episode "We Love You, Wembley." Wembley develops a crush on her, which Mokey tries to persuade him is a passionate love, enlisting the Trash Heap's help in bringing the two together.

After that episode, she more or less disappeared, although she was mentioned once or twice, and appeared in the background of some scenes. One of the few times in which she spoke again was in "New Trash Heap in Town", Episode 215: Manny's Land of Carpets, and Episode 217: Fraggle Wars, although judging by the way that the Fraggles look at her, she is more or less meant to be a background Fraggle. She also had a brief speaking role in The Secret Society of Poobahs where she was a guard for the Poobahs.