DEBUT 2014

Luca is a horse that appears in a season 44 episode of Sesame Street.

Throughout the story, Judy, of the story Judy and the Beast, tries to find the perfect beast to be her friend. Abby, playing her fairy godmother, conjures up a lobster and a kangaroo, neither of which suit her needs.

Leela presents her with a book of animals and Judy is drawn to the horse. Abby makes one appear and the two instantly hit it off. After singing a song about their connection, Judy rides her new friend down the street, naming her Luca.

The puppet has since been used in the Elmo the Musical segment, "Karate Master the Musical" (performed by Martin P. Robinson) and in assorted episodes of The Furchester Hotel, most notably as Carrot the Horse in "Pony in Disguise."