PERFORMER Stephanie D'Abruzzo
DEBUT 2000
DESIGN Ed Christie designer
  Rollie Krewson builder
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Lulu's test reading (c. 2000) with Stephanie D'Abruzzo and Steve Whitmire (right handing) as seen in A&E Biography: Sesame Street.

Lulu is a young monster who appeared on Sesame Street for a few seasons, from 2000 to 2003, first appearing in Episode 3878. Her character design changed dramatically over the short period of time she was featured on the show; at least three distinct versions were used.

Episodes in which she features prominently include Episode 3900 in which she writes a story with Elmo, and Episode 3920 in which she makes up new words to her favorite song. She also has her own Dolly named Miranda as seen in Episode 3910.

One notable episode is Episode 4008 in which Lulu takes up a fascination with Ms. Camp, the local postal carrier. After following Ms. Camp around to learn about her job, Lulu wears a post office uniform and tries out her new career. She also features prominently in Episode 3983 where she wears glasses.

Lulu appears in the ensemble for such songs as "One Small Voice" with the Backstreet Boys and "Take a Turn", and features more prominently in the 2000 remake of "What is Friend?" and "Everybody Nap."

Lulu later became a regular background monster, seen in Elmo's Christmas Countdown. She appears in episode 4200 where, referencing her seven-year absence, comes into frame and says, "Hey, I remember you guys!"

A walk-around version of Lulu has appeared in various Sesame Street stage shows.

Years before she first appeared on the show, a "Lulu Monster" signature was seen on Telly's cast in Episode 3109.

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