Lulu's Back in Town

Written by Al Dubin
Music by Harry Warren
Date 1935
Source Broadway Gondolier (film)
Publisher M. Witmark & Sons
First Episode 0030

Lulu's Back in Town is a song written for the 1935 musical Broadway Gondolier. It was popularized in the mid-30s by Fats Waller, and in the 50s by Mel Tormé.

The song was performed in the early episodes of Sesame Street by Tony, who happily informs passersby that "Lulu's back in town!" Everyone who hears the news runs away screaming.

The reason for their distress becomes clear when Lulu appears—she's the Beautiful Day Monster in a brown wig. Tony is delighted, and they enjoy a passionate whirl around the dance floor.



  • Tony and the Beautiful Day Monster performed another duet in the first season of Sesame Street -- "Windy," which also featured the monster in drag. (First: Episode 0074)
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