Lutrelle Horne is a producer who worked for Children's Television Workshop since the early days of Sesame Street.

Horne was credited as Associate Producer in Season 1, and Studio Producer in Season 2. He also executive produced the French co-production, 1, Rue Sésame, which began in 1978.

Lutrelle F. Horne, Ed.D. was the former Executive Vice-President of Children's Television Workshop and Executive Producer and Director of its International Division. Dr. Horne was a native of Newport News, Virginia. He earned a BA degree in English from Hampton Institute (University) in 1958. He continued his education and earned a MA degree in Communications from New York University in 1963 and an Ed.D. in Education and Television from the University of Massachusetts.

In 1963, Lu entered the field of television with CBS in New York and eventually became an Associate Director of the Captain Kangaroo program. He returned to Hampton Institute as an instructor in the Mass Media Department in 1967. Two years later, he returned to New York when CTW launched its experimental children's series. Horne was responsible for the day-to-day studio production of the Workshop's widely acclaimed television program for preschoolers - Sesame Street. Sesame Street was so successful that Lu was awarded two Emmy's for children's programming. Eventually, CTW expanded Sesame Street internationally and Lu was promoted to Executive Vice-President of the International Productions Department of CTW. In that capacity, he worked closely with many foreign broadcasters in the creation of new series for children based on Sesame Street: Sesamstraat for Holland, Plaza Sésamo for Spanish-speaking Latin America, Vila Sésamo in Brazil, Sesamstrasse in West Germany, Bonjour Sesame and 1, Rue Sesame in France and Belgium, Ábrete Sésamo in Spain, Sesam in Sweden, Abre-te Sesamo in Portugal, and Sesamo Apriti in Italy.

For several years, he operated his own company- Frantrelle Productions, Inc. Lu has written feature film scripts; lectured and consulted for several universities and institutions. He was a member of the Director's Guild of America and Writer's Guild of America. He retired from CTW in 1990.

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