Lynn Robertson Bruce, also credited as Lynn Robertson, is a puppeteer and dancer who has performed in several Creature Shop and Muppet projects. Notably, she was the suit performer for the juvenile version of the title character in Buddy.

Lynn Robertson Bruce puppeteered on Seed of Chucky and the TV series Bits and Bobs and Sooty. She has been a motion capture performer on the series Headcases and the 2013 animated version of Tarzan.

Robertson Bruce has been a frequent dancer with the English National Opera since 1988, including many productions of The Mikado and The Magic Flute (usually as the bear). In film and television, she has danced in period projects Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the 1998 version of Great Expectations, and both 1994 and 2004 versions of Pride and Prejudice.

Muppet/Creature Shop credits


  • Lynn Robertson Bruce's resume (2008 version)
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