Elmo Hammer sings the "Five Jive."

MC Hammer (born Stanley Kirk Burrell, 1962) is a rapper made famous in the 1980s with his recording of "U Can't Touch This." Remembered for his dance techniques and Harem pants, Hammer has won three Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, an Image Award and multiple other honors.

A Saturday morning cartoon, Hammerman, aired in 1991 on ABC and starred Hammer as a superhero with magical dancing shoes. Among his other sparse acting credits are hosting Saturday Night Live, and contributing to the soundtracks for The Addams Family and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


  • The song "Barnyard Rap" is in the style of MC Hammer, and features a group of rapping farm animals, led by Moo Cow Hammer.
  • In the Abby's Flying Fairy School episode, "The Pinocchio Process," the donkey's "Dance of Joy" features a dance move by MC Hammer and is underscored by a "U Can't Touch This"-sounding song.
  • "U Can't Touch This" was performed in the show Sesame Street Magical Market at Universal Studios Japan, with altered lyrics.

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