Ma Gorg

Ma Gorg is the mother of the Gorg family, and the self-proclaimed Queen of the Universe on Fraggle Rock. She is married to Pa Gorg, and they have a son, Junior. Her mother was Queen Esmerelda.

The most sentimental member of the family, but also the most commanding, Ma, through threats of tears or nagging, can generally compel Pa to cave in to her whims (said whims usually delegated to Junior). However, Ma is truly nurturing and loving towards her little family, and a first-class Gorg cook and seamstress. She has a fear of Fraggles, evocative of the stereotype of housewives and mice. However, on rare occasions, as in "A Friend in Need," her motherly instincts and desire to help overcome her fears.

Behind the Scenes

Ma is performed by two puppeteers: one person in the Gorg costume, and another performing the voice and moving the character's eyes and mouth by remote control.

Trish Leeper performed Ma's body throughout the series' run. In the first season, Myra Fried performed her voice and face. Cheryl Wagner took over the character from season 2 on.

The Ma Gorg puppet was rebuilt about halfway through the first season.



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