Mad Little Jerry.jpg
Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1970
Publisher Festival Attractions, Inc.
First Episode 0240

"Mad" is the debut performance of Little Jerry and the Monotones on Sesame Street, with the song and chorus beat reminiscing "Get a Job" by the Silhouettes. Little Jerry describes situations that makes him mad and how he responds to them through mental and physical reactions, while naturally getting more aggressive with his singing as the song progresses. The performance ends with the band furiously storming off the stage.

The song has also been referenced in later episodes involving street stories with the band. A brief clip during a cutaway verse appeared in Episode 2452. It was also referenced twice in Episode 2867 when Mike sings a few verses of the song to Little Chrissy and Big Jeffy, who are less than impressed.


  • In the album version, an introduction is given by a voice provided by Jeff Moss, which marks the first mention of the band's name.
  • In the TV version, Jeff Moss, Fran Brill and Caroll Spinney provide backing vocals. Moss and Spinney also provide backing vocals in the album version.
  • As the Pumpkin Monotone makes his way off the stage, a pin can be seen holding his nose together.


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