Bill, Gil and Jill.

Mad Ave Advertising is an ad agency featured in The Muppets Take Manhattan. This New York City firm gets its name from Manhattan's Madison Avenue, a street whose name has been used synonymously with the advertising industry since the 1920s.

Among the staff at Mad Ave Advertising are Bill, Gil, and Jill, who work on the Ocean Breeze Soap account. Unfortunately, they are having trouble developing a new slogan; neither "Ocean Breeze Soap – for people who don’t want to stink" nor "Ocean Breeze Soap – it’s like an ocean cruise, except there’s no boat, and you don’t actually go anywhere" seem to trip off the tongue.

When an amnesiac Kermit the Frog accidentally stumbles into the trio while looking for an employment agency elsewhere in the office building, he suggests they try something simpler like "Ocean Breeze Soap will get you clean." Bill, Gil, and Jill love Kermit's slogan and immediately hire him. When they ask who he is, he identifies himself as Phillip Phil due to not remembering his true name.

In 1991, the three frogs run another ad agency, aptly named "Frog Frog & Frog Advertising" for a series of National Wildlife Federation PSAs.

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