Madame Alexander is an American company which specializes in the creation of collectible dolls. It has frequently released tie-ins with Disney, Peanuts, Lenox and Sesame Workshop.

Picture Date Name / Description

2004 One, Two, Three Sesame Street Trunk Set
This set includes an 8" doll wearing a yellow jumper with a picture of Big Bird; included is a second outfit of overalls and a cap. Other accessories include a small plush Big Bird, his nest, and Radar, a feltboard with letters and numbers, and a Sesame Street sign. These pack neatly into the cardboard "trunk", which is decorated on the outside as 123 Sesame Street, and has Bert and Ernie looking out the window. It was available with either a Caucasian (model 39080) or African American (model 39082) doll.

2004 Making Friends on Sesame Street
This 8 inch doll is dressed in a green check jumper with pictures of Elmo, Zoe, and Cookie Monster on the skirt and the numbers "1 2 3" on the bodice. She comes with three small plush figures of Elmo, Zoe, and Cookie Monster. The set was available with either a Caucasian (model 39085) or "Latin" (model 39086) doll.
2004 The Peekaboos™ Babies Sesame Street
These three small babies are dressed in full-body outfits as Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster. (Model 38930)
2006 I Love My Rubber Duckie
This 8 inch doll wears a white bathrobe with a picture of Ernie. She has duckie slippers and carries a small "Rubber Duckie" in her hand. (Model 41825)
2006 ‘C’ is for Cookie
This 8 inch doll wears a brown gingham sundress with a blue petticoat, and cookie appliques. She carries a plush Cookie Monster wearing an apron and chef's hat. She also comes with a plush baking sheet with cookies on it which is not pictured. (Model 41820)
2006 Wendy Loves Kermit
Wendy comes with her own stuffed, scale-sized Kermit the Frog, and a jumper with the motto "It's not easy being green."
Miss piggy alexander doll.jpeg
2008 Wendy Loves Miss Piggy
Wendy comes with her own stuffed, scale-sized Miss Piggy, and a dress that states, "Wendy Loves Miss Piggy".

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