Police Detective Kermit (from episode 106 of Muppets Tonight)

Made-for-TV Movie was an idea pitched by Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl to ABC in 1974, which would have been a parody of network TV movie cliches. The pitch was discussed in an entry at Jim Henson's Red Book, which referred to Juhl's treatment as "certainly one of his silliest." According to Juhl, "The main action of the film takes place at a Malibu beach house, because independent research has shown that all Made-For-TV movies take place at Malibu beach houses."

This comedy mystery would star Kermit the Frog as a police detective, dealing with a house guest's disappearance during a seance with a Ouija board. As with previous specials and the later movies, the cast would be a mix of Muppets and live actors (as the other guests and household members, serving as suspects; and as the police commissioner who turns up near the end, and leads to some debate as to whether *he's* dead). An Egyptian sarcophagus would have been a potential red herring or "MacGuffin" (does it hold the vanished guest?) Several characters from past specials would have appeared (some of them Kermit's colleagues), including Thog, Taminella Grinderfall, King Rupert the Second, and Rufus (who would perform a harp solo).

According to Juhl's notes, about halfway through, “The spirit of a cranshaw melon possesses Butterfield [the antiques dealer played by Thog] who runs amok.... A mok is about a mile and three sixteenths."

Ultimately, the guest reappears and Kermit tries to take credit. As Juhl notes, "Through it all, Kermit tries his best to be the dignified, Made-For-TV detective. He also converses freely with the camera, commenting on the action and keeping careful notes on the number and lengths of commercial interruptions."[1]


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